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The idea of "Cook Indian Kits"

I am of Indian origin and have lived in Paris for 20 years now.

What is common to French and Indian cultures is love and respect for food and cuisine. These last two being my two passions. The French have a great curiosity and a desire to explore Indian cuisine, despite this the possibilities remain limited for them. Indian restaurants are so standardised in France that the French only get to know about a limited amount of regional Indian dishes.

This is how the idea for the “Cook Indian” kits was born.

Cook Indian kits

Get the pride of making a good meal In under 30 min !

The French are in pursuit of good food, still spend an average of 30 minutes a day preparing their meals. “Cook Indian” combines both the search for real flavours and everyone's cooking time constraints. “Cook Indian” is much more than a delicious meal. It takes our taste buds on a mystical journey through authentic Indian cuisine. Our menus are composed to make you discover Indian culture and cuisine through its unique flavours.

Our "Cook Indian kit" format, aims to encourage you to experiment with Indian cuisine. Thus, everyone has the pride of making a good dish by appropriating the recipe for a homemade dish that can seem complex to prepare and cook.